Friday, February 12, 2010

Vancouver Olympics 2010

Just watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics, and it was awesome. It totally showed what Canadian pride. Unfortunately the other torch failed to rise up & fell short. Asides that, the performances were pretty amazing & the colors were just beautiful.My favourite part was the Tribal performance where the ice cracked, seperating the nations, which turned to water, showing the whales. It looked so real, t'was some amazing lighting && projection videos.

RIP to Nodar Kumaritashvili (Georgian Olympic Athlete). 1988 - 2010
He was only 2 Years younger than me, sadly he had to go. You were destined to great things. May you rest in peace.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

saddened with happiness**


It died, after only 2 months of use my first
sewing machine crash && burned.
well not literally, but it quit on me. It's ok
i guess because we only bought it for $78 from
walmart & still got my money back.

So i am currently on a break with sewing & cant
buy one until the end of the month. AGHH what
to do with all the wasted time, when i could
have been sewing. darn*

well i am Looking into a new sewing machine!?
any suggestions? whats good? inexpensive?
for a newbie?


My nickname is POM-POM && since i love POMEGRANATES I chose POM-EE-GRANATE.

a little bit of f
Even though pomegranates are so tedious to eat because they are in the form of seedlings, they
are worth the challenge to eat. This sweet/tarty flavored fruit supplies 40% of an adults recommended daily value of Vitamin C. Pomegranates are a high source of anti-oxidants, and have been extracted for its juice to cure minor illnesses and highly beneficial for treating major diseases.

The high source of anti-oxidants in this fruit have been tested and
ively treated heart disease; it acts as a blood thinner, and helps remove plaque build up in the artery walls leading to a healthier heart. Since its a blood thinner, this is also beneficial for diabetics because it helps reduce the fat build in the artery walls called cholesterol. It has also been tested on cancer infected mice and have proven to neutralized cancer-causing radical cells, which has shrunk a prostate tumors in mice. The pomegranate extract also has anti-inflammatory abilities which helps with osteoarthritis.It also contains anti-bacterial elements which fights off bacterias that are harmful to our stomach such as E.coli.

This magical fruit does wonders to our body, which should be consumed everyday, even though it is challenging to eat, it is worth the effort eating it. These are the reasons why we should LOVE POM.